Performance Mouthguards by Under Armour®

Performance Improving Mouth Guards from Under Amer Armour at Millbrae Dental Care

Though performance enhancing mouth guards are relatively new to the market, they have been under development and well studied for many years. We offer the most desired brand of performance mouth guards:
Under Armour. While all performance mouth guards on the market tend to improve your athletic performance they take a slightly different approaches to doing so. What's nice to know is our mouth guard is focused on the same goal you have: drug-free human performance enhancement.

How do Performance Improving Mouth Guards Work?

Scientists, doctors and dentists have developed these mouth guards to reposition your jaw slightly during exercise and clinching (when you are exerting yourself). Repositioning of your jaw relieves your natural fight-or-flight clenching or in simple terms allows your jaw muscles to relax while you are competing. Most people don’t realize your jaw joint or TMJ is one of the strongest muscles in your body and when clenching during sports or exercise it produces hormones that lead to stress, fatigue and distraction. Not what you want your body to be producing when you’re trying to be your best.

The proven theory is as follows:
When you clench your jaw or TMJ your body releases hormones such as Cortisol.
Hormones like Cortisol are know to decrease your performance.
ArmourBite® pivots your jaw forward thus preventing your teeth from clenching.
No clenching means a decrease in the performance sapping hormones
You have more energy, less distracted, less fatigue, you play better!

Performance Improving Mouth Guards For All Sports & Activities

Each Under Armour mouthguard is custom molded to your bite by Dr. Tsai. The process only takes two visits: One visit to take your bite impression and the second visit to make sure it fits properly. From time to time with the higher end mouth guards there may be more visits to adjust the fit. Below are photos of the Under Armer mouth guard. Click on them for more information or just give us a call. We'll answer your questions or set up a time to discuss these mouthguards with our team.

Under Armour - Armourbite Performance Mouthguards.

Under Armour Armer ArmourBite contact Mouth Guard


Ready to take your game to the next level?

Schedule an ArmourBite appointment with Dr. Tsai or you can always e-mail or call us:


Dr. Sherry Tsai provides performance improving mouth guards from Under Armer Armour in Millbrae, San Bruno, Burlingame, San Mateo and the Bay Area

88 Capuchino Dr.
Millbrae CA 94030

Performance Enhancing ArmourBite!

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