Free Consultation for Sleep Apnea & Snoring Device or Mouthpiece

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We offer a free sleep apnea and snoring mouthpiece consultation so that our patients can explore all available treatments for their sleep apnea.

Our patients range from long-term CPAP users looking for alternate treatment for their sleep apnea to people wondering why they are so tired during the day - even after a “good nights sleep.”

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What happens during a free sleep apnea consultation?

Your first visit is as much for you as it is for us. Our main concern is that you are able to treat your sleep apnea or snoring as effectively as possible. That means while you are learning about sleep apnea devices and dental mouthpieces we will be evaluating you for their effectiveness. We will look at the results of your sleep test (if you had one), we’ll take some measurements, look at your teeth and gums, and ask you a series of questions about your health, lifestyle and sleep patterns.

Once we have done an initial sleep apnea exam and oral exam we can show you some example apnea and snore mouthpieces as well as some more information on other apnea and snore solutions and treatment. Our goal is to have you leave our office with a better understanding of sleep apnea treatment outside of CPAP machines.

Medical insurance and sleep apnea treatment

If you are interested in sleep apnea devices for treating your apnea or snoring we will take a copy of your medical insurance card and get your primary care doctor’s contact information. Unfortunately dental insurance rarely covers sleep apnea treatment. The good news is that medical insurance almost always covers some or all of sleep apnea devices. Sometimes they even cover snore stop and other snore cure devices; especially when the patient has signs of sleep apnea along with their snoring. But don’t worry about that, we’ll walk you through the insurance process.

Make an appointment for a free sleep apnea consultation

Not ready to make a free consultation appointment for sleep apnea treatment? Here are a few links to some more information about treating sleep apnea and snoring without using a CPAP machine. Feel free call us with any questions.

Treating Sleep Apnea without CPAP
Sleep Apnea Self Test - Do I have sleep apnea?
What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?
Symptoms of Sleep Apnea
Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Have more sleep apnea or snoring questions? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tsai or call: 650-583-5880

Dr. Sherry Tsai provides free consultation for sleep apnea and snoring devices and mouthpieces as an alternative to CPAP machines in Millbrae, San Bruno, Burlingame, San Mateo and the Bay Area

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