General and Family Dentist - Is That What My Dentist is?

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What is general a general dentist anyway? I’m proud to say that while most physicians are narrowing down their speciality to one joint or area of the body, dentists are broadening their view of your smile and your overall health. Most people still see dentists and dentistry as filling cavities with tooth colored fillings, having crowns done, annual cleanings and exams and on occasion, extractions and root canals.
While this is still true, our patients are quickly learning all the other amazing things a dentist can help you with. From straightening your teeth with invisalign and helping your TMJ pain, to improving your sleep with a sleep apnea device and snore guard. All of this is evaluated while we clean your teeth.

Dental Implants, TMJ, Sleep Apnea & Snore Guards - More than just a cleaning...

As I mentioned before studies have shown that periodontal disease is linked to heart disease, diabetes and even depression symptoms. That may sound like a strong statement, but I assure you that we frequently see this with patients. Which explains why we want you have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Most insurance plans cover two dental cleanings per year; this is usually sufficient to keep your smile healthy. How is my office and team different? I like to think of our office as providing healthy, beautiful dentistry with an eye for your overall health. Below are a few of the general dentist areas of dentistry that I provide:

Areas of General Dentistry and Dental Work

Teeth Whitening - Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening, take home bleaching - pearly whites!
Dental Cleanings, Exams & Xrays - Helping you keep you teeth and gums healthy and smile white
Crowns - Sometimes large fillings or cracked / chipped teeth are restored with crowns
Bridges - When you have a missing tooth we can put in a bridge to restore your bite
Veneers - Veneers quickly bring you smile back to beautiful, straight and white!
Tooth Colored Fillings - Safe removal of metal mercury amalgam fillings
Rootcanal Therapy - We specialize in painless rootcanals
Sleep Apena - Sleep Apnea appliances and Snore Guards help you and others sleep well
Diabetic Patients - Special treatment to help diabetic patients keep their healthy smile for life
Smokers - Helping smokers stop and even reverse damage to their gums and teeth
Post Heart Attack & Heart Surgery- Taking care of your smile can also take care of your heart!
Cancer Screening - Dentists recognize cancerous cells long before the symptoms surface

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Dr. Sherry Tsai provides Family, Cosmetic Dentistry, TMJ Pain Relief, and Sleep Apnea treatment in Millbrae, San Bruno, Burlingame, San Mateo and the Bay Area

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