What is the Dental Implant Process?

Why Dental Implants?

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For decades the only options for replacing a missing tooth were dentures, crowns and bridges. These can be cumbersome and often have a negative impact on one’s quality of life as they are hard to keep clean and can be difficult to speak with.

Today, a dental implant is a better alternative. Dental Implants allow dentists to replace individual missing teeth or create a base for a bridge or denture, making the them more comfortable and more like one’s natural teeth. The advantages of this procedure are extensive, and include:

  • Reduced movement among adjacent dentures, bridges, or crowns
  • Supports proper speech, chewing
  • Feels like a natural tooth, thus increasing self confidence among patients

As with most treatments, the idea the dental implant can be a bit frightening. Understanding the entire procedure is the easiest and most effective means of handling those fears. In truth, having a dental implant placed it is simple and pain free. Here’s how it works.

The Dental Implant Consultation

dental implant consultation
We start every dental implant process with a comprehensive consultation to ensure that you are comfortable with the procedure and that you are a candidate. During the examination portion of the consultation, we’ll check to be sure that you have enough bone support to securely hold the implant and that your gums are healthy.

We will also check adjacent teeth to be sure that there is no bone loss. Following the examination, we discuss your current oral care routine and lifestyle habits to determine if a dental implant is truly in your best interest; in short, a patient must be 100% committed to their overall oral hygiene and to living a smoke-free life prior to the procedure. If you are a candidate and you are considering the treatment, we’ll work with your dental insurance company to preauthorize the implant.

Getting ready for your Dental Implant

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If the tooth or teeth that you’ll be replacing with the implant are still in place, we’ll start by extracting the tooth. Depending on your past health and dental history, and based on the examination done during the consultation, we may do a bone graft to provide support for the dental implant.

In the event that your sinuses are too close to the top of your jaw or if there is not enough bone in this area to support an implant, we will perform a sinus lift.
Both are relatively simple procedures; however, after a graft or sinus lift, you’ll need to wait four to six months in order to give the graft time to integrate with your natural jaw bone. Sometimes patients will elect to wear a partial denture to fill in the missing tooth while the bone heals.

Placing the Dental Implant

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The appointment for the dental implant is very similar to getting a crown done. Most patients report that the entire process produces only mild soreness for a few days afterwards. To start, the Doctor Tsai will numb the area and then place the implant in the bone. If eligible, you may have a crown (tooth) placed immediately; however, most patient need to wait four to six months for the implant to fully heal.

Once healed, the we will make a custom abutment to hold the crown, or the new tooth, to the implant. We will match the new crown to the color of the surrounding teeth so that it does not look out of place. If you are considering whitening your teeth then this is the best time. The result? A healthy, beautiful, functional smile with that you maintain just like a natural tooth.

Taking Care of your Dental Implant

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After everything is healed, the implant will look, feel, and work just like every other tooth in your mouth. And as such, it needs to be taken care of just like a natural tooth. You should brush two times a day to remove plaque and floss at least once a day to keep your gums healthy and clean.

Twice yearly cleanings, in which you let your dentist or dental hygienist know that you have an implant, will help to ensure that you keep your new tooth and the surrounding bone and gums healthy. When taken care of properly, your implant can last a lifetime.

Dental Implant - What We Offer

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We understand that the dental implant process can be overwhelming, especially given the multiple, spaced out appointments. For most patients, a dental implant is the best choice for both practical and aesthetic reasons. To help you decide our office offers no-charge second opinion for dental implants. During this appointment we can discuss the procedure, determine if you’re a candidate, and go over any insurance issues or payment options with you, all at no risk.

The dental implant process doesn’t have to be scary or uncomfortable. Dr. Tsai and her team give you the most experienced care by the most compassionate dentist, hygienists and staff in the Bay Area.

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